Health Screening Fairs 2016

Health Screening Fairs 2016

During the most recent health fairs, we greeted each of the patients, they filled out a brief history form, we took their vital signs, performed an EKG, and then did quick non invasive cuff measurements of their arms and their legs to rule out pad, they were seen by our physicians/PA, and then they could wither make an appointment or take their results with them, no strings attached. Free to the community - we plan on doing these quarterly, please contact Dawn Greene at (210) 802-4350, if you would like to set one up in your area or with your community.

We were able to help many of the people from Laredo, Selma, and Schertz, and we were able to help some of their family members as well. Our staff here at San Antonio Heart, Vascular & Rhythm Center and SA Endovascular love being able to come together as a unit and work together to help patients in this setting, and enjoy the hands on contact and the human touch that we don’t always get to share with them and one another in the daily work environment.

Our first fair this year was in Laredo, TX on Saturday, September 17th.

Our second fair was held in Selma, TX on Thursday, October 6th and Friday, October 7th.

Our third health fair was held in Schertz, TX on October 25th, 26th, and 27th.